Roland ECO-UV Ink Cartridges 220ml

Roland ECO-UV Ink was especially formulated for the Roland LEC-300’s curing system for perfect curing at all available print speeds, delivering high color density and wide gamut for exceptional images print after print. **Roland EUV inks ship direct from Roland out of California**
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Roland ECO-UV Ink was especially formulated for the LEC-300’s curing system for perfect curing at all available print speeds, delivering high color density and wide gamut for exceptional images print after print. ECO-UV adheres to a wide range of coated and uncoated media including foils, paper, clear films and vinyl for increased versatility. Instant-drying and flexible, ECO-UV ink produces prints that require no degassing and can be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and edges without cracking. Clear coat gives an unprecedented high gloss finish on output and improves scratch and chemical resistance and outdoor durability.

•Optimized for the LEC-300 curing system for perfect curing at all print speeds
•Cured inks are highly flexible, enabling stretching and application to curved surfaces without cracking
•VOC free and completely safe when cured
•Superior scratch and alcohol-resistance
•Compatibility with both coated and uncoated media
•Unique ink configuration for unmatched capability
•High opacity white ink for printing rich, dense colors on clear material
•Clear coat for highlights, special effects, realistic textures and enhanced durability

Indoor Applications

Although not suitable for long term outdoor use without proper UV protection, ECO-UV shines for indoor applications such as labels and POPs. For outdoor applications, ECO-UV ink lasts up to a year with clear coat is applied as a finishing process and up to six months without the clear coat.

Unique Ink Configuration

The LEC-300 boasts a unique ink configuration which includes white ink and clear coat in addition to CMYK colors. The high-opacity white ink is ideal for producing rich, dense color graphics on clear, dark opaque and even metallic substrates. The clear coat adds capabilities which includes high-gloss area highlighter (spot varnish), full flood gloss finishing or added durability and special effects such as a 3-dimensional textures (emboss) by printing multiple layers of clear coat for value-added prints. The combination of these features enables the production of exclusive prints that command premium prices, while reducing considerably production costs over conventional workflows by eliminating manual labor and intermediate processes.

Unmatched Media Compatibility

Droplets of ECO-UV ink are cured by the UV lights shortly after they land on the surface of the media, leaving almost no time for the droplets to react or be absorbed by the media. This virtually eliminates any ink and media compatibility issue, making the LEC-300 compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated media. Many stock media for equipment such as label printers and offset printers can be printed with the LEC-300 without any special treatment.

Color Consistency

With ECO-UV inks, the absence of ink reaction and absorption means colors will be consistent across different media types without requiring profiles specific for the media.

Safe and Hassle Free

Packaged in no-mess 220 ml cartridges, ECO-UV is virtually odorless, VOC-free and safe after curing.

All Square does not stock these inks and Roland will not drop ship to customers in California.

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