Roland CAMM-1 GR Series Vinyl Cutters

The new CAMM-1 GR series – Roland’s most advanced, feature-packed and versatile line of cutters ever – ushers in a new era of cutting device technology. Available in 42”, 54”, and 64” models, the GR series builds on a 30-year tradition of CAMM-1 cutter reliability, ease-of-use, and unmatched support.
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The new CAMM-1 GR series – Roland’s most advanced, feature-packed and versatile line of cutters ever – ushers in a new era of cutting device technology. Available in 42”, 54”, and 64” models, the GR series builds on a 30-year tradition of CAMM-1 cutter reliability, ease-of-use, and unmatched support.

Newly-designed from the ground up, the CAMM-1 GR series raises the performance bar to a whole new level. Every GR series cutter is built on a rigid chassis that supports a host of new, innovative hardware features. Each model also comes bundled with Roland CutStudio software, which is now even easier to use and more powerful than ever. Not only do GR series cutters work hand-in-hand with Roland VersaWorks® Dual, but can also be easily paired with any large format printer driven by the most popular industry-wide RIP software, making them perfect for nearly every print-service-provider’s print then cut workflow.

Incorporating outstanding cutting speed with enhanced tracking for long-run production, the GR series can keep up with the demands of even the busiest shop. Built to tackle tough applications like diamond-grade reflective films, sandblast mask, and cardstock. The new dual-position tool carriage is capable of 600 grams of down force, so cutting once-difficult materials is a breeze. The second tool position aligns one of the redesigned blade holders over a groove in the platen for perforated cutting. Electronically controlled pinch rollers offer 10 user-selectable pressure settings, giving the GR the versatility to cut everything from the thinnest window tint film to thick sandblast mask.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Down force: 20 to 600 gf
• Maximum speed: 58.5 in/sec (1,485 mm/sec) in 45° direction
• Maximum roll weight: 88.5 lbs (40 kg)
• Maximum media thickness: .04 inches (1mm) (.08 in (2mm) with backing)
• Extended mode supports an additional .79 in (20 mm) in width
• Standard cutting + 10 times overlap
• Overcut mode (tangential emulation) of .04 inches (1 mm)
• Dual-position tool carriage
• Perforated cutting groove
• Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface
Powered 10-step variable pressure pinch rollers
• LED status light
• Powered accessory port
• Heavy-duty, color-coded blade holders
• Integrated accessory holders
• Branded media basket (included)
• Rigid construction with integrated stand and media holder
• Quadralign optical print/cut registration
• Compatible with Roland VersaWorks® Dual and other popular RIP software
• Bundled with CutStudio software
• Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty*

*Requires product registration. Valid in Canada, US, and Latin America regions only.

New Tool Carriage:
Capable of 600 grams of cutting down force, the dual-position tool carriage allows for a host of demanding applications. The blade can be quickly repositioned from the front holder to the second blade holder which lies
above a groove in the platen. The second blade holder’s strategic positioning eliminates the need to frequently replace the protection strip when performing perforated cut lines and ultimately prolongs the life of the
blade. The new tool carriage also features a built-in LED status light and powered accessory port*. The automated, encoder-controlled height adjustment adapts to varying material thickness and enables soft-landing sequence optimization, increasing efficiency and extending blade life. Tool height setting options are: auto, high, middle & low.
*Optional accessories not yet available

Blade Detection:
The cutter now features a blade detection option to ensure users have the correct tool position loaded when sending a cut file. When the blade detection option is enabled, the cutter will not begin to cut if the wrong tool position is loaded. When the wrong tool position is loaded, the user will be prompted on the control panel to change the tool position. The user must first load the front tool position and send a kisscut file and then load the second tool position before sending the perforated cut file. Blades cannot be loaded in both positions at the same time.

Powered Pinch Rollers with Variable Pressure:
With a single touch of a button, the operator can now raise and lower the GR series’ motor-driven pinch roller system. Choose from ten different pressure settings for the outer-most pinch rollers, and three settings for the center pinch roller, to easily adapt to the thickness of material. The settable range for the outer-most pinch rollers are 1 through 10. The options for the center pinch roller are normal, slight, and none. Each CAMM-1 GR model is equipped with three pinch rollers.

Extended Cutting Width:
The GR series’ maximum cutting width can be extended from 0.1 to 10mm on each side of the media, allowing for true edge to edge cutting. Cutting width is no longer limited to only the area between the outside pinch rollers, maximizing the cutting area by as much at 20 mm.

New XD-CH4 Blade Holders:
The new XD-CH4 blade holders have been optimized from one internal ball-bearing to two, creating improved rotational stability of the blade and increased accuracy. Additionally, the adjustable cap now has a curved surface to reduce interference with the surface of the media. These blade holders are also available in three colors, making it easy for busy operators to identify different blades. Every GR series cutter comes bundled with a blue blade holder (XD-CH4-BL) and one 45-degree blade (ZEC-U5032). The new XD-CH4 series blade holders replace the previous XD-CH3 models, and are fully compatible with all Roland cutters and printer/cutters.

New ZEC-U5010 Window Tint Blade:
The optional ZEC-U5010 blade has been specially designed for window tint applications. Featuring a uniquely-angled cutting surface offset from the center of rotation, the ZEC-U5010 blade is specifically designed for cutting thin vehicle and architectural window tint film. This blade is available in packs of two and is fully compatible with all Roland blade holders. For optimum performance and blade life, XD-CH-4 blade holders are recommended.

Interface: USB 2.0 and Ethernet Connectivity:
Every GR series model has been upgraded to support Ethernet connectivity allowing you to add the GR series cutters to a network. Additionally, a new high-speed USB 2.0 interface allows for simple plug-and-play installation. Either of these choices takes only a few minutes to set up. The high-speed USB 2.0 or Ethernet interface also enables multiple CAMM-1 devices to be driven from the same workstation – just another example of Roland’s commitment to developing technologies that increase ease of use and overall productivity.

Software: CutStudio v3.0
Bundled with each GR series cutter, Roland CutStudio software allows designers to quickly and easily enlarge, reduce, re-position, rotate and mirror images. BMP, JPG, STX, AI, and EPS file formats are all supported. The software includes a Windows driver. Windows plug-ins for Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW®, and Mac Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® are also available. The result is a seamless, userfriendly operating environment.

New CutStudio Features:
• Additional auxiliary weed lines
• Docked panel for object properties
• Perforated cutting support
• Contour cut sorting
• Improved object transformation

Service and Support:
Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty*
The original CAMM-1 series cutters have become widely known for their outstanding performance and rugged reliability. To prove just how reliable the new CAMM-1 GR series will be day in and day out, Roland is offering a Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty*. Owners may extend this peace-of-mind for up to five years with an optional service contract.
* Requires product registration, only valid in US, Canada and Latin America regions

GR Series Roland Care Premium Service Contract:
Customers joining our GR Series Roland Care Premium Service Contract will receive five full years of the industry’s best service and support, plus additional cost savings and benefits, including:
• Two years extended warranty
• Factory authorized service and repair
• Free technical phone and e-mail support during contract period

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