MACtac IMAGin® StreetRap™ 3.2 mil Matte White Vinyl Film

MACtac IMAGin® StreetRap™ STR328 is a 3.2 mil matte white PVC film with an aggressive hick tack adhesive that is designed for the production of short-term outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics on concrete, asphault and other smooth to slightly textured surfaces. 5 years outdoor durability.
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MACtac IMAGin® StreetRap™ STR328 is a 3.4 mil matte white, PVC film designed for the production of outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics. The product is coated on one side with a 3 mil thick, aggressive, permanent, blended acrylic/rubber pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds well to flat or slightly rough, pedestrian traffic surfaces like concrete and asphalt. The adhesive is protected with a 96# polycoated 2 side layflat liner. The film face is designed for excellent printability with solvent, eco-solvent and UV-cured inkjet printers and is also printable with UV or solvent screen inks*.

Combine StreetRap with Permacolor® PF6300, a 5 mil textured PVC overlaminating film that exceeds ASTM C-1028 for slip resistance, for a complete StreetRap.

StreetRap combined with standard 2 to 3 mil overlaminating films is great for indoor concrete surfaces like support pillars and smooth to slightly rough concrete or cinder block walls or those tough to adhere to applications.

1) The outdoor durability of a completed StreetRap floor graphic is up to 3 months for pedestrian traffic on smooth to slightly rough surfaces.
2) The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 5 years on vertical surfaces.

StreetRap is intended for wide format, eco-solvent, solvent-based, latex and UV-cured inkjet printing. To achieve the best possible print quality, please make sure that the correct ICC profiles or printer settings are used. Profiles can be downloaded from Printer and heater settings and ICC profiles can also be downloaded from some O.E.M. or software manufacturer’s websites.
The ICC profiles are provided solely as a customer resource. Print environments, the individual nature of printing systems, inks and software can significantly affect output. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the
suitability of any profile for use in their specific print environment.
* UV inks; when printing with UV inks, screen or inkjet, under-cure the inks to leave them slightly tacky and laminate immediately, before they post-cure, so the PF6300 overlaminating films will adhere. Failure to do this will result in a poor bond of the overlaminate and cause potential separation in the field.

1) To remove; lift one edge, you may need a putty knife to get an edge started, and pull using short, quick tugs. Keep the angle low, (less than 45°) for best results.
2) Removal is much easier when done in the cool early morning hours. Do not use heat to assist in removal as heat will actually increase the bond of this adhesive.
3) If any residual adhesive residue is present after removal of the graphic, Citrus or solvent based-adhesive removers will clean the residue.

1) StreetRap is not intended to be used as a conformable wall wrapping film.
2) StreetRap used on sealed concrete may result in a permanent application and will not be easily removed. Always test first in an inconspicuous area.
3) StreetRap on varnished surfaces and soft walls like stucco or drywall will damage the surface upon removal. Always test first in an inconspicuous area.
4) StreetRap is not designed for use with vehicular traffic. Short term applications, like for special events or parades that last a couple days are acceptable. However, at the end of the special event immediately remove the graphic before regular traffic resumes.
5) The user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability, including adhesion and if
needed, removal characteristics when used in applications other than listed specifically in this
Performance Guide.

Various standards-making authorities have developed different methods for evaluating the slip-resistance characteristics of walkway materials. Organizations’ including the American Society of Testing and Materials
(ASTM), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), has established different slip-resistance test protocols. The standard, ASTM C-1028, is the newest, most consistent, CoF(Coefficient of Friction) test protocol and one of the few to be approved for testing on wet surfaces.

IMAGin StreetRap Installation How-to-Basics

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