Epson SureColor® S40600 Production Edition

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The 64-inch SureColor S40600 features newly-developed Epson UltraChrome® GS3 4-color solvent ink for outstanding print quality, durability, and media compatibility. When combined with an all-new precision media feeding system and a high-performance PrecisionCore® TFP print head, the SureColor S40600 is capable of producing sellable quality banner at 215 ft2 per hour, while also producing adhesive vinyl output at up to 170 ft2 per hour – making the new SureColor S40600 the ideal entry-level sign printer for any size print shop.


Base Printing Technology:
Advanced PrecisionCore TFP Print HeadA
4-channel, drop-on-demand, ink jet head
4-cartridge (C, M, Y, K)
Epson UltraChrome GS3 ink

Printer Nozzle Configuration:
Color and Monochrome 720 nozzles per Color
Smallest droplet size is 4.2 picoliters
Professional-level solvent-based ink technology

1440 x 1440 dpi; 1440 x 720 dpi;
720 x 720 dpi; 720 x 360 dpi

Printer (includes printer, stand, take-in & take-up)

103"(W) x 34"(D) x 53"(H)
Printer weight: 615 lbs

Print Engine Speeds
Printer Speed Banner Vinyl
Draft: 610 sq ft/hr N/A
Production: 215 sq ft/hr 170 sq ft/hr
Quality: 170 sq ft/hr 140 sq ft/hr

Media Handling:
Media input Single roll-to-roll, minimum 12" wide up to 64" wide
Cut-sheet size 17" x 22" up to 64" wide
Media core compatibility 2" or 3" cored media
Input roll media diameter Up to 9.8"
Input roll media weight Up to 95 lbs.
Media Weight/Thickness from 45 gsm up to 1.0 mm thick
Roll media take-up reel Fully automatic "wind in" or "wind out" with tension bar
Output roll media weight Up to 95 lbs.

Acoustic Noise Level:
Approximately 59 dB(A) according to ISO 7779

Front-End RIP Workflow by ONYX:
GamaPrint Pro PANTONE licensed PostScript Language Level 3 Compatible RIP by ONYX. Includes full workflow software with layout, nesting, tiling, custom spot color management, custom media support and RIP queue functionality.

The Epson SureColor S40600 is also supported by most leading third-party RIPs and workflows.

ONYX GamaPrint Pro RIP Requirements:
Server Workstation:
Windows 7, 8, Vista® or XP (32-bit or 64-bit) 3.2 GHz Intel® i7 or better 6 GB memory recommended

Client Workstation:
Macintosh® 10.5+, Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP (32-bit or 64-bit)

Printer Interfaces:
Includes as standard one Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible) and one Gigabit Ethernet port

Epson UltraChrome GS3 Ink:
Ink Cartridge (700 ml)
Black T890100
Cyan T890200
Magenta T890300
Yellow T890400

Limited Warranty and Service:
Standard one-year on-site next business day service with toll-free phone support Monday thru Friday.

Optional Epson SureColor S40600 Extended service plans available for purchase for up to three years of total coverage.

Printable Area:
Maximum paper width 64-inch
Minimum paper width 12-inch
Left and right margins 0.20" (0.40" total)
Maximum printable width 63.6-inches
Maximum printable length limited by software application, OS, media length, and RIP

Media Heating System:
Pre Heater Off or 86° to 122° F (off or 30° to 50°C)
Platen Heater Off or 86° to 122° F (off or 30° to 50°C)
Post Heater Off or 86° to 131° F (off or 30° to 55°C)
Independently controlled via control panel or front-end RIP

Epson Intelligent Ink CartridgeB
Cartridge fill volume: 700 ml each x 4 colors total
Ink cartridge shelf life:
(recommended) 2 years from printed production date or 6 months after open
The printer is designed exclusively for use with EPSON cartridges for greater reliability.

Image Permanence Ratings:
Full Color Up to 3 Years
Test results based upon Epson Testing Labs using the ISO 18930 print durability standard.
All print results are based upon un-laminated prints printed on adhesive backed vinyl.
Durability numbers above are estimates of maximum image permanence.
Your actual results may vary depending upon media type used, environmental display conditions and other factors.
Epson does not warrant durability.
Please visit 3M and Avery web sites for laminated durability claims using their warranty programs.

Environmental Characteristics:
Temperature Operating Storage 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C) -4° to 104°F (-20° to 40°C)
Relative Humidity Operating 20 to 80% (40 to 60% recommended)
Recommended storage 5 to 85% (no condensation)
Installation requirements Virtually any location with a typical air conditioning or other air ventilation system. No forced ventilation or air purification systems requiredC.

Electrical Requirements:
Printer Requires Two 110v Outlets
Voltage AC 100-120 V, AC 200-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current 20A at AC 110-120 V or 10A at AC 200-240 V

Voltage AC 100-120 V, AC 200-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current 1A at AC 110-120 V or
0.5A at AC 200-240 V

Power consumption:
Operating Approx. 650W or Less
Standby Heaters ON Approx. 520W
Standby Heaters OFF Approx. 30W or less
Sleep Less than 3.5W
Power Off Less than 0.6W or less
Operating Approx. 45W
Sleep Approx. 0.3W
Power Off Less than 0.6W

Products and Accessory Part Numbers:
SureColor S40600 Production Edition (includes Onyx RIP, Stand &
Take-up Reel) SCS40600PE
Additional One-year SureColor S40600 Extended Service Plan - Silver EPPS30SB1
Additional One-year SureColor S40600 Extended Service Plan - Gold EPPS30GB1
Additional One-year SureColor S40600 Extended Service Plan - Platinum EPPS30PB1
Ink Cleaning Kit (for periodic print head cleaning) T699300
Additional Printer Maintenance Kit
(same kit that comes with a new printer) C13S210044
Additional Cleaning Cartridge
(for periodic print head washing) T696000
Additional Waste Ink Bottle
(for waste ink disposal) C13T724000

A The print head is a maintenance part which the user is responsible to replace when necessary. However, Epson covers head replacement while the printer is under the Epson Preferred Limited Warranty and under any Preferred Plus Plan (limited or unlimited number of head replacements, depending on the Preferred Plus Plan purchased). The life of the print head will vary depending on the user's print volume, print patterns and heater temperature for print settings. Doing proper user maintenance of the print head will help prolong its life.

B The printer is designed to use only EPSON ink cartridges and not other brands of new or refilled cartridges, or other brands of ink or bulk ink systems. Using EPSON cartridges is important for reliable performance and high image quality. Epson offers voluntary recycling of spent ink cartridges.

C Based on testing of one printer at a maximum ink duty in a room of 180 m3 and a ventilation coefficient of 2.2 (without any fan or air conditioning). For more information see the MSDS sheets in the download section.

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