InteliCoat Museo® Digital Fine Art Media

Museo (pronounced Moo-zay-o) is the brand name given to the family of digital fine art media originally developed by Crane & Co. and now owned by InteliCoat Technologies. Museo is manufactured to archival standards (Library of Congress, ISO) with all products being 100% cotton, internally buffered (to prevent long term environmental acidification), and containing no optical brighteners (which are known to fade over time).

Museo is targeted toward professional, semi-professional, and pro-sumer photographers and artists who produce digital originals or reproductions using inkjet technology. Optimization and support of Museo fine art media is focused on pigmented inks used for long term image life. Although dye based inks can produce outstanding images on Museo products, our media can not prevent the degradation of images printed with these non-archival inks.

InteliCoat Technologies is a world class coater and converter of digital media and have been at the forefront of inkjet media since this technology was first introduced to the market.